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Crazy Rich Asians choosing a Pre-wedding Package in Singapore.

Ever since people watch the movie “Crazy Rich Asian” which give us a glamorous look on how the Elite Rich in Singapore is willing to spare no expense in preparing the wedding event. Many have wondered if this is really how the wealthy couples in Singapore plan and prepare their wedding among the exotic locations for wedding photos, extravagance wedding dinner, and entertainments which you will only see in the movies.

For example, wealthy couples will either choose to hold wedding receptions in different countries for their friends or relatives staying there or invite them over to a luxurious hotel that comes with exclusive decorations, elegant wedding theme as the background, invite famous DJs or even celebrities to sing for their wedding night, serving with sumptuous meals and so on.

It is hard to understand the exact figure on how and what the rich spend on their pre-wedding plans as there is almost no limit in their spending. Just for comparison sake, the package can be range from a few hundred thousand to a few million as this will really depend on several factors such as choosing the best venues to hold the wedding. wedding concept and themes, hotel arrangement to accommodate the overseas guest, choice of food for the wedding reception, types of entertainment during the wedding and so on. Some will even go an extra mile to hire famous wedding photographers, videographers and wedding planners to ensure that they will get the most desirable and memorable wedding.

From my previous experience as a sales and wedding planner in the United Kingdom, I have encountered many wealthy clients who either prefer a traditional wedding concept for their pre-wedding package according to their culture or a classy but European style of wedding. This mindset is more or less similar in Singapore but will actually depend on the age group. For example, young couples will prefer to have their wedding arrangement in exotic, beautiful locations like famous medieval castles, famous landmarks, beach resorts and are willing to try unique wedding concepts just to be different. Whereas mature wedding couples will follow the western wedding concepts for their wedding but will modify to look high end and exquisite.

In my humble opinion, it is not about the price but how well the wedding is planned to ensure that wealthy couples will have the best wedding experience of their life.

Choosing the actual day wedding gown package Singapore

When it comes to the most important day of their lives, many couples in Singapore are easily confused about which is the most suitable wedding gown package. This is because there is an abundant supply of bridal studios to offer exclusive wedding packages that are either fixed or customized to the couple’s wedding plan.

Among the different packages, actual day wedding gown packages are one of the most popular which many couples will choose. The reason so is due to the fact that the price is not economical than the standard package and most bridal studios are able to cater to the couple’s need based on an ad-hoc basis. This means it is possible to get the wedding down package on short notice instead of planning a few months ahead. Especially for busy couples who don’t have the time to prepare for their wedding and wish to make it a simple wedding event.

The other factor for its popularity is the average Singapore wedding cost easily range from $50,000 to even $100,000 which includes hiring of professional wedding photographer and videographer, rental or purchase of wedding gown for the bride, groom suit for the groom, rental of wedding avenue for wedding solemnization, wedding reception and entertainment expense, honeymoon package and so on.

It is no surprise that more and more couples in Singapore are willing to spend less for their wedding, so they can save the funds for their future plans but without compromising their wedding to make it meaningful and a unique once in a lifetime experience.

Some couples will even choose the DIY method and hired individual vendors to save more on their wedding cost. A word of caution as this method will only work if the couple have some experience themselves or they have a found a vendor who is both experts in wedding plans and photography.

If not I will personally recommend wedding couples to look for bridal studios of good reputation that specialize in actual day wedding gown packages as the wedding couples will not only save time since they do not need to source out individual vendors and negotiate the prices as they can just leave the logistic planning of the wedding to the experts and guarantee quality results from the bridal studios. Couples will also save money easily as most bridal studios in Singapore have suitable wedding gown packages for the actual day and most importantly the studios will have experienced wedding planners, photographers and makeup artist to assist the wedding couples on the actual wedding day to ensure the wedding event memorable.


Family Photoshoot Singapore for the Not Crazy Rich Asians  


Taking family photos provided us with a unique opportunity to capture and celebrate the special moments for each and every family members. Whether it is for events like wedding, birthday parties, family reunion, graduation ceremonies and so on. Family portraits will become a lifetime memoir whenever we want to recall those special events. It also offers great joy and comfort for families to go through the family albums together.

Although people nowadays will use their mobile phones or camera to take group selfies during the family, it does not have the same effect as taken from the professional photographer as they have the high-quality lens and skills to create family photos or portraits in a high-quality standard. Besides the fees are reasonable and clients have the options to either take the photos indoors which is in the event venue like wedding receptions, graduation hall, bridal studio or outdoor location but it usually cost more than the indoor photo shooting as there are additional issues to handle like the transportation, logistics and other related matters.

To get a clear picture on why family photo shoot is still popular and preferred in Singapore and other countries. Below are some of the compelling reasons for your understanding.

  1. For elderly parents who are staying alone as their children are staying or working overseas, it is on those occasions which the parents will wish to capture the special moments together as a family by creating a beautiful family portrait together with the aid of professional studio and photographers.
  2. Similar to the reason stated above, engaging the professional photographer can give us the best visual effect for the family portrait which included the high-quality colors effect and with the zooming ability of the studio cameras, it will create such a memorable family photo to be cherished for a lifetime.
  3. Another reason to hire a professional photographer for the family photo shoot is for family events such as wedding reception where the bride and groom will take photos together with their families which can be done in the wedding venue or at the bridal studio. Since this is a rare occasion for families to celebrate, it will be nice to have photos of quality nature to remember.
  4. Using studios to create family photos have additional advantages as you can use the photos to create family calendars as souvenirs to give to their friends and relatives, printing family journals in hardcopy or created it softcopy and even imprint the photos in T-shirts if desired to strengthen the family bond.

With all these compelling reasons, it’s no wonder why most people in Singapore and other countries still willing to spend money on their family photos as they definitely get their money’s worth.

Wedding Photography Special for Couples, Pre-Wedding Photography Singapore

To most of the couple who are going to marry soon, taking a pre-wedding photography is part of the routine most will prefer over actual day wedding shoot. Also known as the engagement shoot, it usually takes places three to six months before the actual wedding day. Some couples may debate whether is it necessary to engage the pre-wedding photography session which is partly due to financial reasons or due to their busy work schedule which does not allow them ample time to take part in the pre-wedding shooting. This is especially true for wedding couples in Singapore.

There are actually several advantages in using pre-wedding photography as the bride and groom can build a good rapport with the wedding photographer during the shooting session so he or she can understand the requirements on how the couple wants their wedding photos to look like and adjust the photo shooting style to suit their needs when necessary.

Since the wedding photographers have time to take photos for the couple, he or she can help the couples to design several themes and photo concepts for the couple. Common examples are traditional which the couple will dress in their native wedding attire which the photo is taken in cultural background. Glamorous concepts are shoot with wedding couple in elegant gowns and attires with the iconic landmark or places that have the beautiful landscape. The Casual concept is the opposite of glamorous which the couple will dress in the casual outfit and engage in different themes that reflect and relive their loving moments in the photo. There are still many other interesting wedding concepts which the couple can choose from as long as they are comfortable during their shooting session.

As a matter of fact, there are many bridal studios in Singapore that offer exclusive bundle package for pre-wedding photography either indoor, outdoor environment or both which also covers the expense of transport, rental of wedding gowns and groom attire, make-up artist and stylist etc. This packages usually start at $2500 and above depending on the wedding couple’s requirements and location. Do note that pre-wedding photography in overseas will be more expensive as the couple needs to pay extra for the airline tickets, and accommodation.

For couples who are interested in the pre-wedding shooting before their wedding, it is important to do some research to understand the do’s and don’ts of pre-wedding photography to prevent unnecessary hassle that may occur during the shooting session. It is also good to communicate with the wedding photographer to understand if he or her shooting style match the requirements. Last but not least, get advice from your peers, relatives or friends who are married and share their experience in wedding shoot to get a better idea on how to get the best shoot for their wedding photos.



Is it common to do Actual Day Wedding Photography? 

For couples planning their future wedding, most of them will face a dilemma in whether they shall take pre-wedding photography or hired the wedding photographer on an actual day. It actually depends on the wedding plans and the financial budget on this issue. Back in those days in the early sixties or seventies, most wedding couples will hire wedding photographers to take their wedding photos before and after the wedding event as it is a common trend as there are not many wedding studios available at that time. Nowadays, it is the other way around as couples are given more options either from the wedding package offered by the studio which they can even go overseas to capture the best wedding photos in exotic destinations. Then again, overseas pre-wedding photo shooting is more expensive than the local ones and those couples on a tight budget may just follow the “tradition” by hiring freelance professional wedding photographers to take their wedding photos on the actual wedding day.

While the main purpose of hiring a wedding photographer for the forthcoming wedding day is to capture those beautiful moments of the bride and groom or taking group photos involving the guests, family, and friends on that special day. Regardless of pre-wedding or actual wedding photo shooting, It is important to hire wedding photographers that have the most working experience so he or she can assist the couples to get the best quality shots by understanding their expectations and requirements of the wedding photos.

When it comes to comparison between pre-wedding or actual wedding photography, many will argue that pre-wedding has more advantages since the wedding couple has plenty of time to prepare for their wedding shots, options like what to wear, which location to take the photo and so on. The other will prefer to go for the actual day wedding photos not just because of the wedding budget but also due to the lack of time to commit for the wedding plans.

In short, taking actual day wedding photography is still quite common in Singapore and other countries as most couples have regardless of age group have different opinions when it comes to their wedding plans.



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