Ever since people watch the movie “Crazy Rich Asian” which give us a glamorous look on how the Elite Rich in Singapore is willing to spare no expense in preparing the wedding event. Many have wondered if this is really how the wealthy couples in Singapore plan and prepare their wedding among the exotic locations for wedding photos, extravagance wedding dinner, and entertainments which you will only see in the movies.

For example, wealthy couples will either choose to hold wedding receptions in different countries for their friends or relatives staying there or invite them over to a luxurious hotel that comes with exclusive decorations, elegant wedding theme as the background, invite famous DJs or even celebrities to sing for their wedding night, serving with sumptuous meals and so on.

It is hard to understand the exact figure on how and what the rich spend on their pre-wedding plans as there is almost no limit in their spending. Just for comparison sake, the package can be range from a few hundred thousand to a few million as this will really depend on several factors such as choosing the best venues to hold the wedding. wedding concept and themes, hotel arrangement to accommodate the overseas guest, choice of food for the wedding reception, types of entertainment during the wedding and so on. Some will even go an extra mile to hire famous wedding photographers, videographers and wedding planners to ensure that they will get the most desirable and memorable wedding.

From my previous experience as a sales and wedding planner in the United Kingdom, I have encountered many wealthy clients who either prefer a traditional wedding concept for their pre-wedding package according to their culture or a classy but European style of wedding. This mindset is more or less similar in Singapore but will actually depend on the age group. For example, young couples will prefer to have their wedding arrangement in exotic, beautiful locations like famous medieval castles, famous landmarks, beach resorts and are willing to try unique wedding concepts just to be different. Whereas mature wedding couples will follow the western wedding concepts for their wedding but will modify to look high end and exquisite.

In my humble opinion, it is not about the price but how well the wedding is planned to ensure that wealthy couples will have the best wedding experience of their life.