When it comes to the most important day of their lives, many couples in Singapore are easily confused about which is the most suitable wedding gown package. This is because there is an abundant supply of bridal studios to offer exclusive wedding packages that are either fixed or customized to the couple’s wedding plan.

Among the different packages, actual day wedding gown packages are one of the most popular which many couples will choose. The reason so is due to the fact that the price is not economical than the standard package and most bridal studios are able to cater to the couple’s need based on an ad-hoc basis. This means it is possible to get the wedding down package on short notice instead of planning a few months ahead. Especially for busy couples who don’t have the time to prepare for their wedding and wish to make it a simple wedding event.

The other factor for its popularity is the average Singapore wedding cost easily range from $50,000 to even $100,000 which includes hiring of professional wedding photographer and videographer, rental or purchase of wedding gown for the bride, groom suit for the groom, rental of wedding avenue for wedding solemnization, wedding reception and entertainment expense, honeymoon package and so on.

It is no surprise that more and more couples in Singapore are willing to spend less for their wedding, so they can save the funds for their future plans but without compromising their wedding to make it meaningful and a unique once in a lifetime experience.

Some couples will even choose the DIY method and hired individual vendors to save more on their wedding cost. A word of caution as this method will only work if the couple have some experience themselves or they have a found a vendor who is both experts in wedding plans and photography.

If not I will personally recommend wedding couples to look for bridal studios of good reputation that specialize in actual day wedding gown packages as the wedding couples will not only save time since they do not need to source out individual vendors and negotiate the prices as they can just leave the logistic planning of the wedding to the experts and guarantee quality results from the bridal studios. Couples will also save money easily as most bridal studios in Singapore have suitable wedding gown packages for the actual day and most importantly the studios will have experienced wedding planners, photographers and makeup artist to assist the wedding couples on the actual wedding day to ensure the wedding event memorable.