To most of the couple who are going to marry soon, taking a pre-wedding photography is part of the routine most will prefer over actual day wedding shoot. Also known as the engagement shoot, it usually takes places three to six months before the actual wedding day. Some couples may debate whether is it necessary to engage the pre-wedding photography session which is partly due to financial reasons or due to their busy work schedule which does not allow them ample time to take part in the pre-wedding shooting. This is especially true for wedding couples in Singapore.

There are actually several advantages in using pre-wedding photography as the bride and groom can build a good rapport with the wedding photographer during the shooting session so he or she can understand the requirements on how the couple wants their wedding photos to look like and adjust the photo shooting style to suit their needs when necessary.

Since the wedding photographers have time to take photos for the couple, he or she can help the couples to design several themes and photo concepts for the couple. Common examples are traditional which the couple will dress in their native wedding attire which the photo is taken in cultural background. Glamorous concepts are shoot with wedding couple in elegant gowns and attires with the iconic landmark or places that have the beautiful landscape. The Casual concept is the opposite of glamorous which the couple will dress in the casual outfit and engage in different themes that reflect and relive their loving moments in the photo. There are still many other interesting wedding concepts which the couple can choose from as long as they are comfortable during their shooting session.

As a matter of fact, there are many bridal studios in Singapore that offer exclusive bundle package for pre-wedding photography either indoor, outdoor environment or both which also covers the expense of transport, rental of wedding gowns and groom attire, make-up artist and stylist etc. This packages usually start at $2500 and above depending on the wedding couple’s requirements and location. Do note that pre-wedding photography in overseas will be more expensive as the couple needs to pay extra for the airline tickets, and accommodation.

For couples who are interested in the pre-wedding shooting before their wedding, it is important to do some research to understand the do’s and don’ts of pre-wedding photography to prevent unnecessary hassle that may occur during the shooting session. It is also good to communicate with the wedding photographer to understand if he or her shooting style match the requirements. Last but not least, get advice from your peers, relatives or friends who are married and share their experience in wedding shoot to get a better idea on how to get the best shoot for their wedding photos.