For couples planning their future wedding, most of them will face a dilemma in whether they shall take pre-wedding photography or hired the wedding photographer on an actual day. It actually depends on the wedding plans and the financial budget on this issue. Back in those days in the early sixties or seventies, most wedding couples will hire wedding photographers to take their wedding photos before and after the wedding event as it is a common trend as there are not many wedding studios available at that time. Nowadays, it is the other way around as couples are given more options either from the wedding package offered by the studio which they can even go overseas to capture the best wedding photos in exotic destinations. Then again, overseas pre-wedding photo shooting is more expensive than the local ones and those couples on a tight budget may just follow the “tradition” by hiring freelance professional wedding photographers to take their wedding photos on the actual wedding day.

While the main purpose of hiring a wedding photographer for the forthcoming wedding day is to capture those beautiful moments of the bride and groom or taking group photos involving the guests, family, and friends on that special day. Regardless of pre-wedding or actual wedding photo shooting, It is important to hire wedding photographers that have the most working experience so he or she can assist the couples to get the best quality shots by understanding their expectations and requirements of the wedding photos.

When it comes to comparison between pre-wedding or actual wedding photography, many will argue that pre-wedding has more advantages since the wedding couple has plenty of time to prepare for their wedding shots, options like what to wear, which location to take the photo and so on. The other will prefer to go for the actual day wedding photos not just because of the wedding budget but also due to the lack of time to commit for the wedding plans.

In short, taking actual day wedding photography is still quite common in Singapore and other countries as most couples have regardless of age group have different opinions when it comes to their wedding plans.