It is always a dilemma for most brides-to-be when it comes to buying or renting a wedding gown in Singapore. This is not just about the wedding budget as some ladies think that it is not practical to buy a wedding gown that could easily cost thousands of dollars since they will only wear it once in their lifetime. While others do not mind paying for the wedding gowns as they prefer to wear the brand new dress instead of renting one.
Although It is true that renting is much cheaper than buying a wedding gown and there are more options for the bride to choose in terms of the wedding gown design and trend. It is also possible to buy wedding gowns at the discounted price that is based on the latest fashion without comprising the quality of the gown. To get a better picture, I have listed down the pro and cons of buying or renting the wedding gown as shown below.
Advantages of renting a wedding gown.
Needless to said, renting the wedding gown is more economical and convenient. Renting a wedding gown also include accessories like tiaras and veils otherwise the bride might need to incur additional cost by purchase separately from the dress.
Disadvantages of renting a wedding gown.
Other than the possibilities of paying extra if the rental gown is damaged, the bride might also be disappointed as sometimes the studio might not have the correct size of the wedding gown that is chosen by the bride.
Advantages of buying a wedding gown.
There is no restriction of choice when it comes to the dress design as long as the price is right.
the bride can choose to make any alterations to the dress to suit their preference to customize the design. They will not need to worry about the possibilities of damaging the gowns and need to pay additional cost during the wedding compared to renting one.
It is also less hassle for the brides to search through various wedding studios to rent the “best” wedding gown as most of the wedding studios have limited designs of wedding gowns for rental.
The Disadvantages of buying a wedding gown.
As mentioned earlier, the cost of buying a new wedding gown varies depending on the fashion design, brand and the material cost of the dress. The ladies will only wear it once during their wedding and will keep the dress in the wardrobe for the rest of their life unless it became family heirloom which the bride will pass it down to their daughter or niece in the future. Wedding gowns need special care to maintain the gown on the monthly or yearly basis to keep it as pristine as possible.
To summarise this topic, there are both pros and cons to either buy or rent the wedding gown. As long as the bride-to-be has done sufficient research and planning. Both options in rental or buying gowns are equally good choices.