When it comes to the wedding, many brides-to-be is having a hard time to choose a wedding gown which not only looks elegant and glorious but also following the latest trend for the year 2019. From gowns that feature modern styles, unique lace to jumpsuits designs or plunging necklines that is sexy in designs. These details have attracted many ladies that they are willing to buy the wedding gown regardless of the cost.

Compared to the days where the bride has limited options in their wedding gowns of four or five silhouettes and fabrication’s style. Designers have become more creative in terms of color preference like pink or yellow for the gown instead of traditional white color. Other designers include bold embroidery designs to make the wedding gown unique, attractive without losing the elegant touch.

To get a better idea of how wedding gowns are designed for 2019, I have included the Top 10 wedding dress in the list below for your preference.

  1. Open-Front Skirts

By combining two dresses into one wedding gown, it has made it easy for the bride to detach the skirt and dance with ease in the ballroom after the ceremony.

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  1. Trapeze Silhouettes

This design of gowns not only has waist-cinching styles but also very easy to wear.
In fact, many fashion critics have deemed the design as bold, outside-the-box and graceful.


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  1. Corset Top

Using the structured bodices and big skirts design style, Corest Top gowns is very popular due to its design that gives the bride a very elegant look.


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  1. Complete Clean

This type of gown design stands out from the rest as the designer simply focuses on style and silhouette to create gowns ranging from slip dresses, layered skirts or super-full. This, in turn, makes it simple for the bride to wear and walk around without the additional need to add glitz to their gown.


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  1. Sheer

Bold in design but elegant in style, sheer gowns are a favorite for ladies who wish to display their figures in the wedding.

Wedding Gowns Singapore

  1. Sophisticated Jumpsuiting

Similar to Bianca Jagger-style pantsuits, sophisticated jumpsuiting wedding gowns are not only suitable for wedding events but also suitable to wear for other functions if desired. Most have considered this style to be modern and yet feminine in design.


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  1. Bows

By adding bows to the dress, it further enhances the feminine feature and the elegant touch for the gown.


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  1. The Meghan Effect

By wearing the same design of wedding dress by the future Duchess, Meghan Markles that is sophisticated, regal and elegant.  It gives the bride a sense of royalty in her wedding day.


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  1. Simplicity

Sometimes, simplicity is the answer in fashion and it certainly works in a wedding dress. These types of bridal gowns have less clothing but come with clean lines and elegant look for the bride.


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  1. Feathers

Feather gowns that are embroidered with feather trim or skirt, gives the bride a glamorous look in style and appearance.


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