This is a very debatable issue that most couple will talk about when it comes to their wedding plans. In my opinion, it depends on the wedding budget and how much are willing to spend on the biggest event of their life. In Singapore, the ladies have a choice to either rent or buy the wedding dress from the wedding studio as part of the wedding package. Some will even shop online to buy 2nd hand wedding gowns while others preferred to a brand-new wedding gown as they consider a taboo to wear 2nd hand wedding gowns for their wedding.

To some people, a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and no expense shall be spared. For others, it’s a waste of money to buy a wedding gown which they will only wear it once and they prefer to spend it for other purposes like wedding dinner or honeymoon trips.

There are actually benefits of buying “cheap” wedding dress which is usually below one thousand or renting it in the studio. The first reason is that most of the gowns sold online or for rental are brand new and only worn by the previous owner once or twice, thus the quality is good, and the design of the wedding gown is still in trend. The 2nd reason is most people find it hard to differentiate a wedding gown that cost $499 to a wedding gown over $13,000 unless he or she is a fashion designer. So as long as the fabric quality is good, and the style is still in-trend. The bride will look beautiful and elegant when she walks down the aisle with her partner.

The only reason why people felt that wearing a “cheap” wedding gown is a bad thing for their wedding is largely due to peer pressure and superstition’s belief.

One thing to note that spending thousands of dollars for a wedding gown will not make any difference than a cheap one if the design does not suit the bride’s appearance, skin tone, and her body structure. Thus, ladies shall focus more on the design and style of the wedding dress instead of the price tag.